5 questions you should ask before booking a Boudoir Shoot

Thinking of making 2022 your year to book a boudoir shoot??? Congratulations!!! This CAN and SHOULD be a fun, empowering, confidence boosting experience ALL women should enjoy once in their life. Finding the RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER FOR YOU is imperative to getting the experience and the results you deserve. Read below for the 5 questions you should be asking your photographer before you book.

Bentonville Boudoir Photographer

How would you describe your style of photography?

It is hard for clients to describe what style they are looking for in their photos, but they definitely know what they DON'T LIKE when they see it. This is a question that is best discussed up front. IN GENERAL, photographers' styles tend to fall into one of 2 categories: Light and Airy or Dark and Moody. I would describe my style of photography as Dark and Moody, which means I use the natural shadows of the space to evoke a sense of mystique and sensuality. Asking the question upfront leaves little question of the results you will see.

What is included in the session fee?

More than likely, when you book your photographer, you will be expected to pay an upfront session fee. But what exactly is included in that? Some photographer's session fees cover the entire boudoir experience (professional hair, makeup, client closet, photoshoot) and some only cover the photoshoot itself. There is no right or wrong answer, but it's best to understand what you will be getting before you book.

Bentonville Boudoir Photographer

Where do you shoot your sessions?

This is a question that I almost NEVER get asked but is an important one. Case in point: I shoot my sessions in a very intimate, converted studio in my home. A boudoir shoot is very intimate and you need be comfortable with WHERE you will be.

Bentonville Boudoir Photographer

How much retouching do you do?

Some photographers are purist and will do very little retouching. Some photographers will only retouch skin. Some photographers can turn you into Bella Hadid. Once again, there is no right or wrong answer here! What matters is how much retouching YOU prefer. Just make sure you understand what you are getting before you book!!

Bentonville Boudoir Photographer

What products do you offer and Where do you print?

In my experience, most boudoir clients are expecting a specialty, heirloom-quality product to round out their boudoir experience. If you are thinking all photographer's print PROFESSIONAL albums, folio boxes, or wall art, think again!! There are many photographers that only offer only digitals, and then leave it to the client to print their results. No right or wrong answer here, however clients often don't have access to professional printing. Whichever you decide, make sure you understand what they offer before you book.

Well, my beauties, that's it! The 5 questions you should ask before you book your boudoir session! Hopefully this helps with any booking intimidation. Remember, you are INVESTING in YOURSELF! You deserve the best, so make sure you book the best for YOU!

About the Author

About the Author

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"I am a Northwest Arkansas Fine Art Boudoir Photographer who truly believes every woman is a STUNNING work of ART. Every body is unique and beautiful, and, like a work of art, every woman deserves to be appreciated for her own true beauty, to feel amazing in her own skin. Boudoir photography allows me to combine my love of old-world art, sensuality and love, and women empowerment into one unique experience my clients can enjoy for all time."